Bad Piggies (A.K.A. Pigs or Green Pigs) are the main antagonists in the Angry Birds series, who are constantly stealing their unhatched eggs, desiring to cook and eat them. In order to prevent the Birds from taking back their eggs, the King Pigcommands his army of pigs to construct many buildings and structures to keep the birds from reaching him.                              

All of the pigs are light green in color, and come in several variations. First, there is the basic pig that comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. There are the pigs that wear helmets, referred to as Helmet Pigs, the second in command pig with a mustache called the Moustache Pig, and finally, their final boss, the King Pig.

Starting from the fourth episode, The Big Setup, the pigs will begin to wear different hats and/or accessories, including hard hats, pumpkin hats, pumpkins, ghost sheets, winter gear, Santa hats, cowboy hats, sombreros, and bows. Despite these hats being placed on the pigs, the pigs still remain the same species, as they can be hit without the hat being destroyed, or vice versa.

Every pig knocked down in the game awards 5000 points, but slightly more if the accesory it's wearing is also destroyed in the process, if any is present.

They are only playable in the King Pig Level.

On September 4th, Rovio has launched a new game featuring the pigs.


As stated by Rovio, the pigs have very little intelligence, easily mistaking a bubble for an egg [1]. The pigs usually are focused on the topic food and eating. However, their building skills show improvement as the game progresses, suggesting the topic of survival of the fittest applies for the pigs.

Pigs In Angry BirdsEdit

Pigs in King Pig LevelEdit

  • Medium Pig: Screaming (Takes the role of Red, the Red Bird)
  • Small Pigs (3): Splits into three (Takes the role of The Blues, the Blue Birds)
  • Jetpack Pig: Speeds up (Takes the role of Chuck, the Yellow Bird)
  • Helmet Pig: Explodes (Takes the role of Bomb, the Black Bird)
  • Bowling Ball Pig: Drops an exploding bowling ball (Takes the role of Matilda, the White Bird)
  • Boomerang Pig: Boomerangs back (Takes the role of Al, the Boomerang Bird)
  • Globe Pig: Inflates (Takes the role of Bubbles, the Orange Bird)
  • Fat Pig: No ability (Takes the role of Terence, the Big Brother Bird)

Pigs in Ultrabook AdventureEdit

  • Intel Small Pig
  • Intel Medium Pig
  • Intel Large Pig
  • Intel Helmet Pig
  • Intel Moustache Pig
  • Intel King Pig


  • Interestingly, there are pig hoofprints on the ground during the cutscenes and the cinematic trailer when the pigs steal the eggs [2], even though they have no hooves, let alone any legs. Very rarely, but not in the game, players can see a Pig hand, hanging in mid-air. They can see it in this video when the the King Pig holds knives and forks in the air imagining himself having the eggs .
  • The design for the pigs change in the Google Chrome version .
  • Male pigs are very fond of females as seen in the Angry Birds Bing Episode 4 [3].
  • In Angry Birds Space, they show more complex emotions and expressions. For example, if a Bird is about to hit a pig, it will have a scared expression. If the bird fails to kill it, the pig will squeal or panic. Furthermore, the pigs will snore and pretend to fall asleep in an attempt to taunt the player.
    • In the World and Level selection screens in Angry Birds Space, pigs inside bubbles can be tapped, which pops the bubble, freezing the pig, causing it to explode. This has no particular benefit, but rather, is meant to provide comic relief.
  • Angry Birds Space is the first mobile app version of Angry Birds in which the Pigs are given the Google Chrome Design, instead of the normal design shown in mobile versions of Angry Birds Games.
  • The Pigs appear to be scared of Big Brother Bird shown in some video animations.
  • According to Rovio, the real reason why all of the villains of this game are portrayed as pigs is because while the game was still in development, several reports concerning the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic started to show up in various news media. Hence, they ended up making all of the villains pigs. Also the reason why all of the pigs are colored green is because to Rovio, it makes them all look diseased (based on the first signs of Swine Flu in 2009, when green spots appeared on pigs, which is why it is called Swine Flu). Template:Citation needed
  • The Angry Birds Seasons episode Go Green, Get Lucky is the first episode that uses the Google Chrome Designs of the Pigs in cutscences, including King Pig.
  • The Helmet Pig is the only pig who's plush is shown to be hurt and to have no ears.


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