In the Angry Birds series, Birds are the main protagonists, and come in varieties of different species. Their main goal is to retrieve the eggs that their enemies, the Pigs, stole. Since then, they care mostly about revenge than anything, and hurl themselves using a Slingshot at various structures the Pigs made. There are 9 playable birds in Angry Birds, 9 in Seasons, 10 in Rio, 7 playable birds and 1 egg in Space, & 7 birds from Angry Birds Star Wars and 1 egg, plus 5 Mighty Creatures. When a level is completed with unused birds, the player is awarded with 10,000 points for each unused bird, increases the chance of getting 3 stars in a level.

The Birds' Island is based on an island in the Pacific Ocean.[1]

Flock by size

By Size

Known SpeciesEdit

There are twenty known different species of birds, one dragon, plus several birds from other apps. Below is a list of known birds in the game:

The FlockEdit

Mighty CreaturesEdit


Unplayable BirdsEdit

Birds from Other AppsEdit

Angry Birds RioEdit

Rio flock

The Rio Flock

  • Blu (himself, playable)
  • Jewel (Blu's wife) (herself and Blu chained, playable)
  • Rafael (unplayable, ally)
  • Luiz (Bulldog; Neither a bird nor playable, just an ally to the birds and appears in a level)
  • Caged Birds (8) (unplayable, allies and targets)
  • Samba Bird (himself, playable)

Angry Birds SpaceEdit

Angry Birds Star WarsEdit

Star wars character by size

The Star Wars Flock.

Angry Birds Fuji TVEdit

Angry Birds HeikkiEdit

Angry Birds FriendsEdit

Go Green, Get LuckyEdit

Utilities and Power-UpsEdit

Unlike the Pigs, there are eleven known utilities used by the Birds:

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